Footing Support Foundation Piers

Footing Support Foundation Piers

The Compressive Strength of the King Pier System has been determined and backed by Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers, LLC

The King Piers Foundation Pier & Stabilization System has saved thousands of homes and buildings throughout the Midwest. The #kingpiermethodology was created by J.W. King the President & CEO of King Piers LLC. The King Pier System never requires the drilling of holes in the footing or foundation wall. King Piers LLC offers 4 different King Piers. The King Pier I, is our most used King Pier. The King Pier I is 5′-7″ thick of high strength concrete fully encased around the King Pier and Load Bearing 1/2″ steel plate underneath the footing after it has been raised back to its correct level elevation. The King Pier I is the King Pier we use on Large homes and commercial buildings. The King Pier II is the King Pier used on 1500 square foot homes or smaller. The savings using the King Pier II instead of the King Pier I gives the customer $500 per savings. The Warranty for the King Pier II is 25 years. To date, no King Pier has ever failed after being installed. No other foundation pier system comes remotely close to the size and strength of the King Pier. 

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