Foundation Crack Repair Overland Park

Looking for foundation crack repair in Overland Park?  Look no further – King Piers to the rescue!  We offer free estimates to the residents of Overland Park and will come to you the same day if needed.  It is also noteworthy that we will never overprice or try to gouge your checkbook. We want to be your Foundation Crack repair partner!  Contact us today!

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How to Spot the Signs of Foundation Failure

Foundation failure greatly diminishes the value of a building, but large foundation problems can be prevented with early detection. Just a few easy steps can help you spot the signs of foundation failure. The following steps are based on information from Gibbs Company. Gibbs Company is locally owned in Mid-Missouri, offers foundation and concrete repair, and has the experience required to assess your situation and provide the best solution.

  1. Spot the Signs of Foundation Failure Step 1.jpg

    Walk around inside your house. Things to watch for:

    • Cracks in drywall
    • Windows and doors that stick
    • Inconsistent spacing between a door or window and its frame
    • Floors that slope or have cracks
    • Basement Floors that have sunk
    • Leaks in basement
  2. 2

    Take a walk around the outside of your house. Look for:

    • Cracks that stair-step between bricks
    • Gaps between brick and window or wall frames
    • Cracks in foundation walls
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     Call King Piers LLC 816-521-8915 for a FREE Estimate to Permanently Repair your basement foundation walls!
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    Choose a foundation repair company. Ask these important questions to find out if a company can meet your needs.

    • Does your company charge for a foundation restoration analysis?
    • Am I receiving a firm price quote or an estimate?
    • Are you merely stabilizing the foundation or will you be raising it back to its original level?
    • Do your steel piers have a protective coating to prevent rusting?
    • At what pressure do you stop driving the pier?
    • What are some possible hidden problems you might encounter that could add to the expense?
    • Will you provide at least three references?
    • Is your company licensed and insured?
    • Does your company offer lifetime transferable warranties on foundation repair?

Foundation Crack Repair Overland Park

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