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My foundation is cracking, do I need emergency repair?

Cracks in your home’s foundation, can cause a homeowner’s stomach to drop and hop on the internet to find the best resource to help. However, does foundation cracking automatically mean EMERGENCY and URGENT repair? 

“Not always,” is the short answer. So, rest easy for now and dive in a bit deeper.  Let’s look at the different types of cracks and what they mean to you.


What Cracks Mean to Your Foundation Repair

  1. Hairline cracks less than 1/16“ wide.Most of the time, these small hairline cracks don’t require any action, YET. But begin an inspection routine of your foundation – at least once every 6 months. Start documenting through pictures to compare.

    If you find a wall crack that widens, get it taken care of…and sooner rather than later. If you’re unsure how serious the cracking is, contact King Piers LLC for an expert opinion.  We’ll come out the same day!

  1. Crack is causing a foundation leak.OH no, did you find water in your basement?  Any crack which is admitting water into your basement needs to be evaluated pronto! The good news is that we are experts at Epoxy Injection and if the cracking is not structural and has not worsened appreciably with time, we can take care of this for you right way. Installing a Sump Pump could also help.
  2. Diagonal cracks in a brick wall.If your brick wall was installed directly on top of a concrete foundation (many of Kansas City’s older homes were built this way), it might eventually form diagonal cracks. Kansas City’s summer heat aids in the expansion of brick.  But not to worry, most likely this is a cosmetic issue, that might not need foundation repair.  But isn’t it worth it to get an expert opinion?
  3. Vertical crack widens along its route. If the wider end is at the bottom of the crack, you most likely have foundation issues or “heaving”.  If the wider end appears toward the top of the crack, then most likely your foundation is “dropping”. Both issues call for immediate resolution.  Call us for your expert inspection and repair.
  4. “Stair-Step” shape cracks.When this type of cracking appears in a cement block or brick foundation, please act immediately.  Schedule an inspection as soon as you can.  If these cracks are located near the corners of your foundation and/or your masonry starts to crumble, you most likely will need emergency professional repair.

We’ve also included a Contractor Checklist that you can use when deciding which contractor to choose!  Take a look.

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