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BEST FOUNDATION PIER Completed in Plattsburg, KS


January 16, 2014King Piers finished the 2 King Piers in Plattsburg, Missouri today. Tomorrow we will raise and stabilize the front porch. This is additional or extra work that was requested by the owner today.  Did anyone check out the video of the Optimal Health Clinic Post interview with the owner? you can check it out by going to   Nothing makes me happier than a HAPPY CUSTOMER!

The next project on the list will be a WATER TRACK system in the basement of a home in South Kansas City, Missouri. Then to Independence, Mo. to install 4 King Piers at a home where the foundation has severe cracks in the walls which are about 1″ in width. The 4 King Piers will bring the sinking corner of the house back up to its correct elevation at the FOOTING!  If your home is SINKING the only way to properly solve this problem permanently is by raising the existing footing back to level and supporting the footing from ever sinking again where the King Piers – Foundation Pier & Stabilization System is the way to go. Each King Pier hole contains 300 pounds of high strength steel all encased around high strength concrete (4000 psi air-entrained 100% cement, reinforced with fiber mesh. No other pier is that size or STABLE!


If your home is sinking, your first call should be to KING PIERS 816-521-8915 or you can contact us by going to