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Foundation Piering Experts Kansas City

Foundation Piering Experts Kansas City

Today, the King Pier Team will be straightening a Cinder Block Foundation wall and installing 4 – 4″ H-Beams along the wall after the wall is straightened. The 2nd King Piers crew is working hard in Prairie Village Kansas on a 10 King Pier project that is just about ready to lift and stabilize the existing sunken footing back to its correct level elevation.  Did you know that a Stone Foundation has no footing? Did you know that King Piers is the only company around that lifts a stone foundation back to its correct elevation and then stabilizing it Permanently?  The King Piers Foundation Piering System is a 100% GREEN Business and GREEN Piering System. We do not drill holes into an already insufficient footing that lacks in size and strength. We do not drill any holes into the foundation wall that already has cracks in the concrete foundation walls, making it unstable. Generally speaking, it is a good rule of thumb that if your experiencing cracks in your drywall ceilings, walls, and cracks in your concrete foundation walls that your footing is sinking and cracked. There are 3 separate concrete pours when building a house. The first pour is the footing. The second pour in the foundation walls that are sitting in the middle of the newly poured footing is generally 2ft in width and 6″ thick. This design for a footing in my opinion is totally ridiculous if you’re wanting to build something that will be stable and without risk of sinking during dry weather.  The King Piers System eliminates the worry of future settlement of the footing is installed. The King Piers System is the proclaimed BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Piering System on the open market.  After installing a King Pier, we have not ever had to return to a previously installed King Pier that has failed. Each King Pier contains 300 pounds of Steel that are fully encased around 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete. A significant factor when choosing a foundation pier that will not fail, my first call would be to King Piers LLC 

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