King Pier ready for concrete stabilizing

Raise & Stabilize Footing Kansas City

Foundation Piering Specialist Raise Stabilize Footing Kansas City

King Piers LLC installed the 1st pour of High Strength Concrete in 4 King Pier Holes today in Kansas City, Mo. Tomorrow will be the day that we “SQUEEZE” the sunken STONE FOUNDATION back to its correct position.  King Piers LLC is the Kansas City’s Premier Stone Foundation Piering and Stabilization Contractor. Did you know that a STONE FOUNDATION does not have a FOOTING that it’s setting on a FOOTING such as a Cinder Block or Concrete Foundation Wall? The King Pier System actually “SQUEEZES” the separated STONE back to its correct tight position.

Foundation Piering Specialist Raise Stabilize Footing Kansas City

The King Pier System does not push thin hollow pipes to resistance or BEDROCK. The King Pier System was designed to Raise and Stabilize an existing sunken footing back to its correct elevation using special dug holes beneath the footing and HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE fully ENCASED around 300 pounds of STEEL.

The King Pier System does not drill holes in the footing or foundation wall. Other foundation pier systems require drilling into the existing concrete footing causing very tiny stress fractures in the concrete that will eventually cause the Footing to break or crack. When this happens you will notice stress cracks in drywall ceilings and walls.  Each King Pier contains 4 Cubic Yards or High Strength Concrete encased around 300 pounds of thick steel ensuring PERMANENT FOOTING STABILITY  No system out there compares to the KING PIER!

The King Pier “Shimmed” and ready to be encased in the 2nd pour of High Strength Concrete.

Picture of the King Pier awaiting to be encased with high strength concrete, up to the top of the footing.

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