Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

NOTICE: The No. 1 Ranked Foundation repair & basement waterproofing company on all ranking sites, are PAYING ($500 a month) for that No. 1 Ranking. Beware homeowners! When hiring a foundation repair contractor, you are literally rolling the dice that your contractor won’t get paid for tearing up your foundation and concrete basement floors! King Piers LLC is the Proven Nations Best at Engineering Sound Foundation Repair, GUARANTEED! When you hire King Piers LLC to fix your basement and waterproofing issues, you can rest assured your job will be done with Expertise in Engineering that will add support to your home, not weaken it. 2019 has been a great year for King Piers LLC. A record breaking year to be exact.

Literally every year King Piers has grown not in size with more people but larger Commercial projects here in Kansas City. Most companies are selling and installing a helical type pier system that comes with a lifetime guarantee. The companies that installed the helical piers did not honor the lifetime guarantee. King Piers gets the job of re-raising a sinking home that shouldn’t be sinking due to the lifetime guarantee. I go to homes everyday that has had a previous foundation repair contractor literally get paid to tear up a persons home. Its sad and to be frank it angers me sometimes to a tipping point, so I write a blog to let the world know really what’s going on in the foundation repair industry. Another mention about being careful and doing your homework when choosing a foundation repair contractor is this: Remember that many foundation repair companies hire someone to make up email addresses to post 5 star review after 5 star review. Your safest choice is King Piers LLC. 1-816-288-4373,

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