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The King Piers LLC Team will be heading North to Grant City, to install our King Piers underneath a slab-on-grade Baptist Church that has settlement issues. The King Piers Team of Foundation Piering Specialist will solve the settlement of this Church by installing King Pier IVs along the East and South sides of the church. The Church sits on a hill and is literally sinking and sliding on the South side of the Church. This issue is visible.  Some foundation issues resulting from the footing breaking and or sinking will not show signs at first, but once you see cracks developing in the ceilings, walls, basement walls are only a result due to a broken footing that has started to tilt or sink. The King Pier I, II, III, IV & V was designed to solve various foundation issues caused by soil movement, terrain, underground water, and unsuitable stable soil. The King Pier has never failed after being installed underneath a broken footing. King Piers LLC GUARANTEES two very important factors on a sinking structure. 1. We GUARANTEE to RAISE the FOOTING back to its correct LEVEL ELEVATION 2. PERMANENTLY STABILIZE.

The King Piers Methodology of Lifting and Stabilizing any heavy structure is the BEST foundation Piering System for raising and permanently stabilizing very heavy structures. The #kingpiersmethodology is vastly different than of our competition.  If your house is sinking the King Piers Methodology does not call for excavating the soil down to the footing, from corner to corner of the home or building. The King Piers way is to dig a PERFECT 4ft x 4ft hole down 49 inches below the footing and by using the earth as a form for our lifting platform which is 3ft of high strength concrete at the bottom of the perfect King Pier Hole.  No drilling into a footing that was originally built inadequate in strength and size.  No drilling into the foundation wall. Absolutely No drilling of any kind.  We push the sunken footing by hydraulically pushing the footing back to its correct level elevation using the King Pier underneath the footing. Join the King Piers List of VERY HAPPY Customers! For a Free Estimate Contact Us Today!

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