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King Piers LLC’s Footing Support Pier is in a league by itself thus the only one of its kind. The King Piers Methodology offers a total of 4 Footing Support Piers. The King Pier I, King Pier II, King Pier III and the King Pier IV. We have a King Pier for any situation that may occur during the life of the home or building that has sunk due to footing failure. The King Pier System/Methodology was created and designed by Jim King. The King Pier Methodology and it’s success is spreading throughout the United States Midwest. Customers that demand quality foundation repair call King Piers LLC because they know that their foundation repair no matter what it is, will be done correctly the King Piers way. From straightening a leaning inward or outward concrete foundation wall King Piers LLC can straighten the wall back to a perfect vertical elevation and keep it there by installing 4″ Steel H Beams a maximum of 5ft to 6ft apart, professionally locked into the ceiling joist with the 2 joist sistered with an identical floor joist bolted to the side of the existing floor joist. The King Piers Methodology of pushing a wall back to it’s correct vertically level elevation by using simple physics that does not cause further damage to the foundation wall. The thousands of 5 Star Customer Reviews from our Customers posted on various social media outlets puts King Piers LLC above other companies. Our daily King Piers project videos that we post on our King Piers LLC Facebook page as well as YouTube and Google Plus sets the Standard for Engineered Foundation Repair. King Piers LLC has more real unbiased video content for our customers to view, than any other Foundation Repair Contractor in the USA! The King Piers Team is one of America’s best at foundation repair. ┬áIs your basement #kingpierstrong?

Franchise opportunities Available now!

If you are interested in buying a King Piers LLC Franchise, please contact Jim King at 816-521-8915 for further details.

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St. Louis, Mo.

Wichita, Ks.

Topeka, Ks.

Dallas, Tx.

Lake of the Ozarks, Mo