Patented Foundation Piering System

Fully Encased Concrete Piers

Fully Encased Concrete Piers

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The King Pier Team just finished up a nice 9 pier job in Lees Summit, Mo. at a duplex that was sinking 1.5″ on both sides. The King Pier System is a very big FOUNDATION PIER that was designed by the owner of, Jim King.  After years of research trying to find the best way to Raise and then Permanently STABILIZE the FOOTING Permanently, the  King Pier System was developed. Each King Pier contains 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete fully encased around 300 pounds of 1/2″ thick steel LOAD BEARING PLATES and the KING PIER. What is so FANTASTIC about the King Pier System of raising and stabilizing a sinking foundation wall at the footing is we DO NOT drill any holes into the footing or foundation walls. All that does is create more problems to an already unstable fragile footing and foundation wall. The King Pier way is ALWAYS 100% ENGINEERING SOUND! The King Pier is saving people THOUSANDS of hard-earned dollars in addition to giving them the biggest and strongest foundation pier in comparison to other Piering Systems. The King Piers System and KING PIERS LLC practices “GREEN POLICIES” and is a “GREEN COMPANY“!  Other FOUNDATION PIERING SYSTEMS that used Hydraulics to push the pipe into the ground most always leak hydraulic fluid all over the dirt. This is actually contaminating the soil with hydraulic fluid and that is NOT GOOD! You don’t have to worry about that with the King Pier Foundation Pier!  All the King Pier holes are hand dug causing no disturbance to the grass or landscaping next to where a KING PIER has been installed. The Materials that we use are High Strength Concrete that is fully encased around 300 pounds of 1/2″ thick steel.  If anyone in the WORLD has a structurally more sound or better system I would love to see it for myself, so please contact me at 816-521-8915 or 816-754-6467.  Check out all of our King Pier Videos of the King Pier Team in Live-Action go to and search!

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