One King Pier at a time

Grain Valley-Foundation Repair-Buckner

Grain Valley-Foundation Repair-Buckner

The King Pier is the proclaimed Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier ever designed! That’s a Bold Statement, but I whole heartily believe in the King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System. I will refer to it as the King Pier System for the remainder of this blog.  The King Pier I is the Foundation Pier used on all Commercial Foundation Pier projects where we actually lift the footing underneath the building or structure back to its correct level elevation. The King Pier System is the only Foundation Piering System that I know of that Guarantees 2 things – 1. Raise the sunken Footing back to level  2. Stabilize the footing Permanently after it has been raised back to level. To date, NO KIng Pier has failed after being installed. I have researched all the foundation piers on the open market and was not impressed. Pushing a helical 3″ diameter pipe down to solid soil or bedrock to me is just a complete waste of time and especially Money. I believe that the footing underneath a home that has had helical piers installed is now in worse shape than before the helical pier installation.  The King Pier System does not require drilling holes into already undersized thin footings as the other foundation piering operations do.

King Piers will go anywhere in the USA to Save a Sinking Structure, Building, or Home. Check us out on YouTube to see the King Piers Team in Live Action.

Grain Valley-Foundation Repair-Buckner

The King Piers LLC Team will travel anywhere in the United States of America to Save a Sinking Structure, Building or Home! Don’t try this yourself! Call the BEST! King Piers LLC

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