Give Your Home a Guaranteed Lifting for Life

Guaranteed Lifting for Life!

The King Pier Team will finish straightening the leaning cinder block foundation wall. Today we installed the 5 – 4″ Steel H-Beams all concrete in and attached to the floor joist properly to eliminate movement due to hydrostatic pressure.

This is a picture of the King Pier underneath the existing concrete footing after it has been raised back to its correct level elevation. The Hydraulic Jacks have been removed after the bottom of the King Pier has been supported with steel shims.  The footing on this project was raised back 1″ to its correct level elevation.

The King Pier is the Proclaimed BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Pier that money can buy. The King Pier Stabilizes like no other foundation pier.

The King Pier System is the only system that guarantees to lift the footing back to its correct level elevation and then stabilize the footing permanently. No other system offers such a GUARANTEE!

The King Pier System is 100% Green. This means that no chemicals or hydraulic fluid, gasoline, oil, etc. will not be introduced to your yard or the soil in every situation. We do not drill any holes into the footing or the foundation wall whether we are installing our King Piers or straightening a leaning wall and then supporting it.

Our customer base is absolutely growing every day. Going on 5 years of installing the King Piers throughout Missouri and Kansas we have not had to go back and re-pier 1 King Pier. This is unheard of anywhere in the world.

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