The Heavy Lifting Methodology of Foundation Repair

Heavy Lifting of Foundation Repair

The King Pier Team is in the 2nd week of a 10 King Pier project in Prairie Village. The time-consuming part of the King Pier installation is the digging of the King Pier Holes. We dig down below the footing 49″ below the footing. This is the depth of the King Pier I. King Piers LLC installs 2 piers. King Pier I & King Pier II. The King Pier 2 is less expensive but still has the same 25-year warranty.

Yesterday we finished the Bob M. Stone Foundation Repair project in Kansas City. This job was very tough. We installed 6 King Piers along with tuckpointing, concrete porch raise and stabilize, concrete stairs were lifted and tilted back to its correct position.  Stone Foundations are one of my favorite foundations to work on. Because I love working on stone foundations that are sinking, the King Pier was developed to Lift & Squeeze the sunken stone back to its correct elevation. On stone foundation walls there is no footing. The stone is placed on the subgrade and placed on top of each other 1 stone at a time. On the interior of a home that has a stone foundation, the stone is all tuck pointed with concrete mortar giving it a neat even appearance. On the exterior of a stone foundation wall, there is a visible concrete mortar tuck pointed around the visible stone. The exterior wall that is backfilled with topsoil will not get tuck pointed, therefore the stone is free-flowing.

For a Permanent fix on any of your foundation repair needs allow the King Pier Team to look at the problem and give you cost-saving solutions.

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