High Strength Concrete gets the job done!

High Strength Concrete gets the job done!

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King Piers LLC wishes everyone a Happy Memorial Day!  The King Piers Team will be finishing up the 9 King Piers being installed in Lees Summit, Mo. Tomorrow. We will be pouring the 1st pour of High Strength Concrete over a 1/2″ thick steel load-bearing plate. This will provide us a platform to push and lift the sunken footing back to its correct level elevation.

This is a Warehouse in Overland Park, Ks. The 1st Pour of our special concrete mix is poured and ready for a “LIFT” & “TILT” of a wall column falling away from its correct vertical & level elevation.

We only use the best materials made in the USA for our work because we believe in the power of American Made – it’s not just a statement but a way of life for us at King Piers LLC.


This is a Finished King Pier that has been fully encased with our special King Piers mixture!

Each King Pier contains 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete Fully encased around 300 pounds of High Strength Steel after the footing has been raise to its correct level elevation.

The King Pier is Shimmed tight up against the existing footing, ready to be encased with HIGH STRENGTH CONCRETE!

Picture of the King Pier awaiting to be encased with high strength concrete, up to the top of the footing.