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Hiring a Contractor checklist

Hiring a contractor checklist


When picking a qualified foundation repair contractor, here are a few things that the homeowner should always get before signing a contract with anyone.

1. Certificate of Insurance (Current Copy) Make sure it’s not expired!

2. Previous Customer References (5) minimum

3. Copy of Occupational License in your town

4. Compare bids (Make sure everything you need to be done is covered to complete your project.

5. Look closely at the fine print covering  the warranty of work to be done.)

6. If you have questions about the bid, call the contractor to have him or her answer your questions in detail.  Any changes should be put into the proposal. Don’t do business on verbal commitments!

If you have any questions, we are happy to help!  Contact us today!

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*Acts of God explained – n. a natural catastrophe which no one can prevent such as an earthquake, a tidal wave, a volcanic eruption, or a tornado. Acts of God are significant for two reasons: 1) for the havoc and damage they wreak, and 2) because often contracts state that “acts of God” are an excuse for delay or failure to fulfill a commitment or to complete a construction project. Many insurance policies exempt coverage for damage caused by acts of God, which is one time an insurance company gets religion. At times disputes arise as to whether a violent storm or other disaster was an act of God (and therefore exempt from a claim) or a foreseeable natural event. God knows the answer!