Home Entrance Stoop Slump

Home Entrance Stoop Slump

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Home Entrance Stoop Slump – North Kansas City will be a quick stop to raise a sunken concrete stoop.  I get a lot of calls for concrete porches pulling away from the home but in this house, the stoop has sunk at the home entrance side. I look forward to raising this stoop.  I will post a video of the process in which we raise and stabilize this collapsed concrete stoop.

The project in Blue Springs, Mo. went just as planned. Friday we poured 10 cubic yards of High Strength Concrete ( 3 Ft thick) underneath the existing footing. Before pouring the concrete into each King Pier hole, I placed a 2′ x 3′ Steel Load Bearing plate on the subgrade (49″ below the existing footing). This step in the process of installing the King Pier will enable us a solid base to lift the sunken footing back to its correct elevation. I let the concrete set for 24 hours before lifting the footing.

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