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How is a King Piers foundation pier different?

The King Pier is a heavy duty steel foundation pier. The process in which the hole is dug is a critical part of why our pier does not sink after installation. So, How is a King Piers foundation pier different?

The recent drought here in Kansas City has been a nightmare on foundations. I think the biggest problem of sinking foundation walls is poorly constructed footings. I have seen footings that are only 6″ thick on homes that are 2 stories. This is crazy. I recommend a minimum footing of 24″ thick that extends out on both sides of the foundation walls. If all footings were designed this way on homes I would have to find another job!

I find that older homes with stone foundation walls have footing comparable to this. When I see a stone foundation it generally only needs to be tuck pointed. The settlement of the footing is minimal compared to that of a concrete foundation walls with small footings.

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