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Straighten A Leaning Concrete Foundation Wall with King Piers

How To: Leaning Walls

How to Straighten a leaning concrete foundation wall

The King Piers LLC Team in Pleasant Hill, Missouri Straightening a leaning inward (6.5″) concrete foundation wall done easily using the King Piers methodology of Simple Physics.  The King Piers way does not require causing further damage to an already deteriorated, cracked failing wall.  It makes no sense but millions of folks around the country have had negative experiences as the customers in Pleasant Hill have experienced.  The King Piers LLC Team of foundation piering and repair experts are putting smiles on literally every homeowner we are hired by.  It doesn’t matter if its a building or a home the King Piers Methodology has never failed even though we have put our King Piers in every type of soil in the midwest, without failure.  We have always been able to push every footing back to its correct level elevation using the King Piers Methodology.

How To: Leaning Walls: How to Straighten a leaning concrete foundation wall

Mudjacking = 3 to 6 year guarantee
King Pier II = Lifetime Guarantee

The King Pier II being used to raise a sinking (7″) concrete patio slab back to its correct elevation (1/4″ fall from the home outward). The final step will be to encase the King Pier II as well as filling the void under the newly raised concrete patio slab with high-strength Concrete.

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King Piers LLC Bulkhead Concrete wall built to hold in a bulging inward stone foundation wall.

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I talk to people everyday with structural foundation issues. I spend the time explaining and answering every question they have regarding their foundation issues. Every stone is unturned in finding out exactly what is the cause of the foundation failure and a solid solution to permanently solve the issue.  The King Piers LLC Team will video your project from the first day to the last day and everyday in between, showing our process in proper foundation repair that will last a lifetime.

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