How to Plan a Home Special Project

King Piers takes on Special Projects

King Piers are masters at foundation work, but did you know we take on cool projects like straightening fireplaces and raising community swimming pools too?  We are up for any challenge that comes our way!

Ways to start a special project

Starting a special project in your home is a pretty large commitment and can be overwhelming if you have never completed one. But with a bit of planning and a vision, not to mention King Piers as your partner, you can be sure that you are set up for success from the start!

5 Steps for planning a home special project
Home Special Project Planning

5 Steps for Planning a Home Special Project

  • Build a detailed home improvement project plan
  • Set a project budget
  • Call King Piers to discuss your special project
  • Create a timeline
  • If necessary, clear out the affected area for the work to be completed

Check out all our Special Projects on our YouTube Special Projects Channel.

In this video playlist you can view 3 special projects that King Piers has taken on and completed with stellar flying colors; a golf pit in Leawood for a golf aficionado, a rebuild, and straightening of a historic brick fireplace and one of our shining moments as a company, raising of a community swimming pool that had sunk 8″!

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