cracks indicate sinking footing

Is that a serious crack or just a crack in my wall?

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Is that crack serious? Foundation problems 101

Is that crack serious? Foundation problems 101 (© David Gee/Alamy)

Home foundations aren’t typically a hot news topic, but an ongoing severe drought in Texas has left many homeowners there and elsewhere wondering how stable their homes really are.

The drought that some are comparing to the Dust Bowl has homes rockin’ and rollin’ as the parched ground beneath them cracks and settles. Homeowners are watering their foundations — to keep their abode in place — and forgetting about their grass.

But you don’t have to live in the Lone Star State to have foundation issues. So how do you know if you’re on solid ground? Here is a primer:

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Foundations crack. That’s why a foundation is usually composed of steel in concrete — to hold it together when it does. The key is knowing whether that crack means anything. “A lot of people will see cracks and they’ll panic a little bit,” Foundation & Footing Stabilization expert Jim King the CEO of King Piers LLC says. “But not all cracks are created equal!

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