Industrial Floor Raise Stabilize-St. Louis

Industrial Floor Raise Stabilize STL

STL-Industrial Floor Raise Stabilize

King Piers LLC went down to St. Louis to raise and stabilize the TruGreen Warehouse floor. One-half of the floor had sunk 1.5″ at a length of approximately 150 Lineal Feet. The King Piers Methodology of lifting and then stabilizing the floor from ever sinking again. I am pleased that to announce that the #kingpiersmethodology of lifting and then stabilizing a heavy structure without causing further damage to an already damaged foundation wall or footings. The King Piers Methodology is vastly different than any of the other foundation piering systems being offered. If you check out our King Piers YouTube Channel you will see where we pulled a helical out of the ground by hand. This blows my mind at how the Helical Pier is still being used or a form of the Helical Pier. This system fails too often in my humble opinion to be worthy of use. I have personally seen just about every issue that can happen to a deteriorating foundation. I have blogged many times about residential footings that lack in size and load-bearing strength to hold up a shed, let alone a home. This is not the case of commercial footings supporting a building. These footings are generally adequate but under what the King Piers Methodology suggests when building a footing.

Article was written by: J.W. King

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