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Industrial Footing Raise Stabilize Kansas City

Industrial Footing Raise Stabilize KC

Recently, we worked on a warehouse in Lenexa, Kansas that had a column that had sunk 3″ and was tilting away 3.5″. The King Piers LLC Team of foundation Piering Experts tackled this and was successful at raising the wall back to its correct level elevation as the photos indicate. The helical pier would not budge this huge commercial footing. The owner’s last choice and the best choice was King Piers LLC. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System GUARANTEES to RAISE & STABILIZE the footing after it’s back to its correct level elevation. The #kingpiersmethodology is much different than the other foundation piers being used around the world. The King Pier is the proclaimed biggest & strongest foundation pier being installed today. The very 1st King Pier was installed 5 years ago. After 5 years and thousands of King Piers installed thus far not 1 King Pier has failed after being installed. It’s a known fact that helical piers fail. The quickest I’ve heard of a helical pier failure was 3 days after the job was done the building sunk again. This particular job was in Overland Park, Kansas and the drought in 2012 was the main reason for the footing to fail on the 1 story brick commercial building, slab on grade on all four sides. The King Piers Methodology consists of hand digging a perfect 3 x 4 square hole down to the footing. Then horizontally boring underneath the footing removing all of the soil. Once complete the hole will be a perfect hollow square cube. We then pour three feet of high-strength concrete into our hand excavated hole. The next day we lay a 2 x 3 – 1/2 inch thick load-bearing plate onto the subgrade directly beneath the existing footing. The King Pier is then set in the middle of the steel load-bearing plate directly underneath the footing. The next step is to use generally a 30-ton bottle jack to lift the King Pier underneath the footing back to the footing’s correct level elevation. Once this is completed we will use steel shims underneath the King Pier until the King Pier is tight against the underside of the footing. We then release the hydraulic bottle jacks and pull them out of the hole. The final step after the footing has been raised back to its correct level elevation is to fully encase the King Pier and load bearing steel plate with high strength concrete (2nd & final pour) up to the top of the footing fully encasing the King Pier. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is a Copyrighted & Trademarked by King Piers LLC. The #kingpiersmethodology was created by J.W. King who can be reached for any questions regarding your foundation or footing questions at 816-521-8915 or go to our website at

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Industrial Footing Raise Stabilize Kansas City

The King Pier I – The proclaimed Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier Ever!

Industrial Footing Raise Stabilize Kansas City

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