LIBERTY, MO – Installing a French Drain

Installing a French Drain

January 16, 2014 – LIBERTY, Mo. Residents SAVE 20% on any FOUNDATION REPAIR! Is your house sinking? The KING PIERS – FOUNDATION PIER & STABILIZATION SYSTEM is the BIGGEST & STRONGEST FOUNDATION PIER on the market, today.  Each King Pier contains 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete all surrounding 300 pounds of High Strength steel (including the KING PIER) No other foundation pier comes close to the KING PIER!

Today the King Piers Team installed a FRENCH DRAIN in KANSAS CITY, Mo. to reroute water away from the home and completed a quick 2 pier job in Plattsburg, Mo.  The King Pier Team will travel anywhere in the United States to show off this GREAT PIERING SYSTEM.  A big job for the King Pier Team is the Methodist Church in POLO, Mo.  This church is well over 100 years old and is a brittle historic Church. We will be installing 10 King Piers long the front and side of the church. After we complete the foundation piers we will repair the inside of the church, repairing CRACKS on the walls and ceilings. When we finish the Church congregation will have a stable church that is stable.

When choosing a piering contractor to raise your home, always look at the different foundation piering systems out there. Common sense will tell you the KING PIER will not only bring your sinking concrete footing back to its correct level elevation, but STABILIZE it PERMANENTLY! Call King Piers at 816-521-8915 or go to our website

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