King Pier Project Portfolio

Kansas City’s Family-owned Foundation Repair Company

Kansas City Family-owned!

There’s something to be said for supporting locally-owned businesses. We’re proud Kansas City natives, and we’re happy to be serving our neighbors. When we say “call us for a free estimate” we don’t mean “call this number and we’ll schedule a time to send a young sales rep out to write you a bid and give you a business brochure about our company. Honestly, I think that’s pretty disrespectful.

I’m Jim King, the founder and CEO of King Piers, and here is my personal cell phone number: 816-521-8915

Yes, that is the same number all over our site and across the internet. Why? Well, when you call the doctor’s office the secretary doesn’t diagnose your problems, the doctor takes the time to talk to you and evaluate the situation. Why should a salesman diagnose your foundation problems? I take great pride in getting to know every customer of King Piers, and that will never change. I’m only able to do that because King Piers employs a crew of local family and local friends who work on every job and allow me to spend time focusing on every individual situation. I’m not concerned with scaling King Piers to create franchises and a national corporation. I’m concerned about your home, and I’m proud to be creating jobs in Kansas City too.

Why not text me a photo of your foundation problem – here’s my number again 816-521-8915 or contact us from our Website.

I promise I’ll get back to you right away.

I also invite you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We film each and every project we take on; before, during and after.  We believe in our work and we believe in transparency.  It’s our brand.

Jim King