Kansas City Basement waterproofing

Waterproofing in KC

Basement waterproofing is something that just makes sound investment protection sense as a homeowner. Not only does it help prevent flooding, mold or mildew formation, and cracks and fissures, it can also increase your home’s value and reduce energy costs.

You might have suspicions that your home has basement water issues, but some of the tell-tale signs include; wet walls, visible or odorous signs of mold and mildew, dampness around the base of the floor, standing water, rotting joists or support beams, and damaged wood or carpet. We recommend you regularly include a basement inspection to check progress of your basement’s conditions. Consider doing this at each changing season, this way you can be sure to stay on top of any issues and we can respond before it’s too late.

The causes of basement water issues vary but can be contributed to three main issues.  Rain or groundwater has seeped into your basement, interior appliances such as dryers, washers or a sump pump has failed to work properly or ventilation has allowed the Midwest humid air to invade your basement.

For a more detailed analysis and guidance on waterproofing your basement, check out our blog on Waterproofing Guidance.

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The King Pier under the footing after its been raised back to it’s correct level elevation. The final step would be to encase the King Pier all the way up to the top of the footing using High Strength Concrete. No other Foundation Pier comes close to the King Pier!

If you home is showing signs that it’s sinking, it’s because the concrete footing is sinking, thus bringing the foundation and house with it. The longer the homeowner waits to fix this, the worse it gets. For a permanent solution to a sinking footing call King Piers at 816-521-8915 for a Free Estimate.