Kansas City Best Foundation Piering Footing Stabilization System

KC Foundation Piering Footing Stabilization System

KC Foundation Piering Footing Stabilization System

If you can’t tell, I love talking about my King Pier – Foundation Piering & Stabilization System. This system is taking over the Midwest, saving homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars +/- 50% less than the other systems out there.

I can sleep good at night knowing that after I raise someone’s home back to its correct elevation, that the amount of steel (600 lbs.) encased around 4 cubic yards of concrete makes the King Pier the Biggest and Best foundation pier on the market today!

If your home is sinking, it starts and ends with the footing. The problem is most footings on homes are usually 4″-6″ (thick) x 2′ (wide). Small, thin footing in time will sink, costing the owners lot’s of money to repair. If the City codes for footing was say for instance, 4ft wide by 3ft thick, using a high strength concrete (4000 psi, air entrained, 100% Cement (no fly ash), Reinforced with Fiber Mesh), houses would withstand severe droughts & floods without sinking. In most cases the concrete used for footings a 3000 psi concrete with fly ash in the mix. This is the cheapest concrete you can order. The footings need more attention and be built wider and thicker, period!

King Piers offers the following services:  foundation piering, waterproofing, crack repair, floor leveling, sump pump installation, foundation wall support beam installation and Straighten tilted walls. Call 816-521-8915 or go to our website at www.kingpiers.com for a Free consultation!

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