King Pier shimmed & Ready for Concrete

Kansas City Best Foundation Repair Specialist

KC Foundation Repair Specialist

This has been a great week for the King Pier Team. The project in Kingsville, Mo. is finished and the Customer is so happy with the King Piers that were installed along the West side of their home.  The house lifted back to its correct level elevation with ease.  I love it when the homeowner gets to witness the King Pier Installation process. Every previous customer is satisfied and confident that their home has been raised and stabilized using 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete encased around 300 pounds steel.

Below is a picture of the King Pier before the 2nd pour of High Strength Concrete Encased around the King Pier. Notice the King Pier has been “Shimmed” tight against the underside of the existing footing. The last step is to encase the King Pier up to the top of the existing footing with High Strength Concrete (2nd Pour).


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KC Foundation Repair Specialist

King Pier shimmed & Ready for Concrete
The King Pier

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