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KCMO Foundation Lift Stabilization

KCMO Foundation Lift Stabilization

King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System Methodology and the King Pier I, II, III & IV are Copyrighted and Owned Exclusively by King Piers LLC

King Piers LLC is your 1 Stop Professional Foundation Repair Contractor. We install 1 type of Pier. It’s a foundation Pier and Pier System that stands far above any of the other pier systems being installed. The King Piers Foundation Pier is the Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier designed and Engineered by J.W. King the President of King Piers LLC. The King Piers Methodology is setting the standard in lifting and stabilizing buildings, structures, or homes.  King Piers LLC offers 4 different King Piers. A pier for every situation based on several issues. If the house is on a hill or the soil is black topsoil or clay. If the home or building is a slab on grade with just a frost footing underneath the perimeter of the concrete floor. The King Piers Foundation Pier is America’s best-selling foundation pier. Our flawless record of lifting and stabilizing a sunken footing back to its correct level elevation. with 4000 plus king piers underneath footings giving the home or building the proper support permanently. Our YouTube Channel contains all our work.  Go check us out!

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