KC’s No. 1 Foundation Piering Specialist

KC’s No. 1 Foundation Piering Specialist

This Before & After picture is of a warehouse building in Overland Park, Kansas that had a concrete wall panel falling out 3.5″ from it’s correct vertical elevation. The wall section also sank 3″ below it’s correct level elevation. There is one reason why this happened. The answer is that the footing is broke and has sunk! The King Pier Methodology is a new and innovative way to pier up a sinking structure that is sitting on a footing PERMANENTLY! The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is the “proclaimed” Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier being sold today.

“Making the world level again…1 King Pier at a time” that is the King Pier motto!

Above is a picture of the King Pier underneath a previously sunken concrete footing. As you can see that this footing was raised exactly 1″ (2 – 1/4″ & 1 – 1/2″) steel shims underneath the King Pier tight and fully supporting the concrete footing.  The FINAL STEP to the King Pier installation is to fully encase the King Pier with High Strength Concrete, reinforced with fiber mesh.

Foundation Repair Holt, Missouri

The King Piers Team SEO – Joe,  taking a picture with the 2 King Piers!

Foundation Repair Kansas City

Straighten Stabilize leaning bowed concrete foundation

Concrete Floor Leveling Kansas City

Foundation Crack Repair Lees Summit

By relieving the pressure off of the foundation by lifting the home up slightly and excavating down to the concrete footing makes moving this wall easy! #kingpierstrong

Notice that the King Piers LLC saw cuts through the concrete floor whenever installing a wall brace or a King Pier. Other foundation repair companies will nut saw cut the floor but use a jackhammer. This is NOT an Engineering Technique used by King Piers or anyone that has knowledge of what pounding does to a concrete slab. The concrete MUST be saw cut FIRST!

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