Keeping Basements Dry in KC

Keeping Basements Dry

Keeping Basements Dry

Some homes come with a basement and some homes only have a crawlspace underneath them. Whichever one your home came with, the space must be kept dry all of the time, not just sometimes, but of all the time to avoid water damage. Many homeowners have problems with a basement when water gets in from the outside or just because of moisture. They could have leaking plumbing down there that gives them trouble from time to time and the same problems can come up in a crawlspace.

The way to make sure these areas of your home are staying dry is to check them frequently after rain or snow when you have first purchased the house. Even if it is a home you have lived in for many years, you could have water issues come up suddenly or overtime. Keeping an eye out for water where it should not be is the only way to spot it quickly after the problem begins and this is exactly when you want to find it, quickly. The block foundation of a basement or a crawlspace might be not have been waterproofed if you have an older home.

Over the years, if water is allowed to stand too near the foundation it will find its way into these areas. It can slowly erode the mortar between the blocks or settling can occur that causes small cracks. Once there is the smallest opening for water to get in, it will find. Sometimes the blocks will absorb water when they are not sealed properly and this can cause moisture in the basement or crawlspace. Whether it is actual puddling water getting in or just enough moisture, it will cause problems. Water under the home or in the basement will cause the wooden joists of the home to become damp or wet. This will cause eventual instability, rotting, and mold.

Once any of the joists under the home become compromised, the floors in the room above them will begin to sag over time. Once a floor has been compromised it can affect the walls, ceilings, door frames, and window frames in a room as well. This can cause the entire home to eventually become misaligned. If you want to talk about some major structural damage, that is it and it can all start just because your basement or crawlspace gets wet and stays wet.

If you are accumulating water or moisture in either place, it is better to call in a water damage company right away to diagnose the problem and get it repaired before you end up having to do a whole lot spend and spend a lot more.

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