King Piers Foundation Piering System

The King Pier is the King of all Piers

The King Pier is the King of all piers!

Each King Pier contains approximately 3 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete, encased around 600 pounds of steel.  The King Pier can lift sinking stone foundations back to the correct elevation by lifting the footing. Concrete foundations are sinking due to the fact that the City Codes are written to all for an inadequate footing, supporting the house. Generally, the footing is poured in a machine dug trench around the perimeter of the home, using a 2ft wide-tooth bucket on a backhoe. If builders would pour a bigger footing such as (4ft wide x 3ft thick) it would eliminate most of the sinking that occurs when there is a drought. This theory is what the King Pier is based on and has brought success to many homeowners and business owners in the KC metro area. No other foundation piering system compares to the King Pier Foundation Piering System because the King Pier is the King of all Piers!

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