King Pier 2 diagram - King Piers Foundation Piering System

King Pier Methodology using Diagrams

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Kansas City Foundation Repair

Kansas City Foundation Repair

The King Pier V is the newest addition to the King Piers Family of Foundation Piers. #kingpierstrong Copyrights owned Exclusively by King Piers LLC

The King Pier I, II, III, IV & V are Copyrighted & Owned Exclusively by: King Piers LLC

February 6, 2015 seemed like Spring in the Metro Kansas City area. This reminds me of the winter in 2012. The longest drought in over 50 years gave the Midwest Homeowners nightmares. Homes everywhere were sinking rather quickly. This gave the foundation repair industry a big boost in sales. The King Pier Team of Engineering Experts in foundation piers and footing stabilization will raise your home in any type of extreme weather conditions and stabilize the foundation and footing from ever settling again permanently! The King Piers LLC Team will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking building, home, or structure. When your home settles in a certain area, that is an indication that the footing has broke in that vicinity. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is the Biggest Pier as well as the Strongest Foundation Pier ever engineered. The King Piers way never involves drilling holes into an already small and weak footing as most all other systems require. This is doing nothing but further destroying the footing.  Methods like this are why you want a clear cut way of properly engineering the lifting and stabilizing of any sunken footing back to its correct level elevation. Once this is done you will be amazed at how doors and windows in the vicinity of where King Piers were installed will open and shut properly again. FREE ESTIMATES!