King Pier ready for concrete stabilizing

King Pier Up Close & Personal

Commercial Foundation Piering Missouri and surrounding areas!

King Piers has a flawless record of RAISING & PERMANENTLY STABILIZING COMMERCIAL buildings and WAREHOUSES.   Each KING PIER contains 4 Cubic Yards of High Strength Concrete fully encased around 300 pounds of steel after the footing has been raised back to its correct level elevation.

 shimmed tight

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Below is a close-up picture of the King Pier shimmed tight against the underside of the existing previously sunken footing after it has been raised back to level. The next and final step to installing the King Pier complete will be to encase the King Pier with a 2nd pour of High Strength Concrete that will fully encase the King Pier and up to the top of the existing footing.

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Check out this King Piers Video in Kansas City, Mo installing a King Pier!

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