King Piers 9 Pier Job

King Piers 9 Pier JOB!  This is HUGE!

This past week King Piers started a project at the Communications Union building in Kansas City, Missouri.

We started the project Monday (12-9-2013). This project is a 9 pier job. 1/3 of the Northside of the building will get 3 King Piers and the West side of the building will be getting 6 King Piers.  On 12/12/2013 we had the holes dug perfectly, so we placed the 2′ x 3′ @1/2″ thick steel load-bearing plate underneath the footing sitting on the subgrade 49″ below the footing. King Piers then ordered 14 cubic yards of high strength concrete (4000 psi, air-entrained, 100% cement, reinforced with fiber mesh. Each hole took approximately 1.6 cubic yards per hole.

I decided to let the concrete set up Friday and over the weekend. King Piers will come in Monday morning (12-16-2013) set a new 2′ x 3′ @ 1/2″ steel load-bearing plate directly onto the 3′ thick high strength concrete that we poured on Thursday (12/12/2013). We will set 2 – 50 ton hydraulic jacks onto the Load Bearing Plate. The King Pier may or may not fit in the middle of the jacks until after the building has been raised. Prior to starting the lifting of the existing concrete footing, we will set up a lazer level to determine how many inched the building footing has sunk. Once the building has been raised back to its correct level elevation, King Piers will order the same high strength concrete and fill all of the 9 holes up to the to of the existing footing.

The King Pier Foundation Piering System is proud to announce we have never had a previous customer call and say ” where you raised my house, it’s sunk again”! No other foundation lift and stabilize system on the market today can say that. Simply put, I have put over 14 years coming up with the King Pier Foundation Piering System. I am also so proud that we are saving homeowners thousands of dollars but giving them a much better piering system.

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Jim King