Basement Crack Repair Lee’s Summit

Basement Crack Repair Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Basement Crack Repair Lee’s Summit If your basement walls are leaning in or out the King Piers way to straighten the wall back to its correct Vertically Level elevation will never involve the drilling of any holes into your basement foundation wall or footing. We use hydraulic bottle jacks and 6″ x 6″ wood support beams to straighten any concrete foundation wall without further destroying the wall. When the King Pier Team is finished with your leaning wall, it will be vertically straight and be as good or better than when the foundation was originally built. King Piers LLC’s King Pier System is the Biggest & Strongest foundation piering system ever engineered. The King Pier System is environmentally friendly to the environment and never will cause soil contamination after our King Pier is installed. Never before has lifting a footing back to it’s true correct elevation been done with ease. Never has a King Pier failed after being installed underneath a foundation footing! The King Piers LLC Team will Travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking building, home or structure! This concrete foundation wall was leaning in over 5″. Now it’s vertical. For a Free Estimate on all your foundation repair needs contact the King Piers Estimating & Management Team

Many homes throughout the Midwest experienced severe foundation damage during the drought in 2012. Let me assure you that we are still in somewhat of a drought. When your home starts to show signs of settlement, you would be wise to contact a structural engineer to determine the cause and permanent fix for your foundation. No structural engineer will come to your home and evaluate what the problem is for free. The cost will range between $500 and $1500 depending on the structural engineer. For a FREE evaluation of your foundation and the repair that is needed you can call King Piers LLC at 816-786-7043 or contact us at

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