King Piers Makes a Huge Statement

King Piers Makes a Huge Statement

The King Piers Team is making a huge statement in Fenton, Missouri while working on the foundation Stabilization and Floor Raise and Stabilization using our system.  The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is the proclaimed Biggest & Strongest Foundation Piering System being installed at this time. Although, no foundation piering system is strong enough to last through an act of God or Force Majeure the King Pier is holding up against all odds of nature! The project in Fenton, Missouri is a really nice project for the King Piers Team. The floor was sinking due to the drought in 2012. The King Piers Team went in a saw cut square holes through the floor before using a jackhammer to remove the concrete. We then dig down below the bottom of the floor thirteen (13) inches. We set a 2ft x 2ft – 1/2inch thick steel load-bearing plate underneath the floor. We then will set our King Piers in Place underneath the floor and place two (2) 50-ton hydraulic jacks next to the King Pier and then we are ready to lift the floor back to its correct level elevation.  Stay tuned for more videos coming from Fenton, Missouri Trugreen Warehouse lift next week. TYJ

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Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals Baseball Team for their winning American League 2014 Championship from the King Piers Team! 

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