King Piers Methodology Compared

King Piers Methodology Compared

King Piers LLC is a family-owned foundation repair company. King Piers LLC and their Copyrighted Foundation Piering Methodology are far above all other piers being sold to the public today. The King Pier I, II, III & IV have revolutionized the foundation pier industry.  Helical type piers look great when looking at a picture that was designed for homeowners to see how the helical pier works. In reality, the King Piers Team of foundation pier Specialists has raised homes back to their correct level elevation after the homeowner has originally decided to use a helical pier to raise the footing back to level. On large homes and homes with stone foundations, the helical pier will do nothing but make you angry when after paying top dollar for home stabilization and the home continues to sink. A complete waste of money. The King Pier Methodology is vastly different than other foundation piering systems.  The King Pier Methodology never requires breaking off part of the foundation footing or drilling holes into the footing as the helical pier requires.  Keep in mind that most all footings are built to the MINIMUM standard. Most home footings are 2ft in width and vary from 6″ to 12″ in thickness.

The other foundation piering systems are priced by the lineal feet of the drilling of helical piers driven down into the earth until resistance or bedrock is encountered,  The King Pier is bid per EACH. Never has a King Pier failed after being installed underneath a once sunken concrete footing or floor.

The King Pier System is the most expensive foundation piering system concerning what it cost per each King Pier installed.  The King Pier Methodology requires a minimum distance between King Piers is 10ft. Other systems require installation every 3ft to 6ft apart. By the time an entire sunken foundation supporting a home or building the King Piers Foundation Pier is Less expensive than the helical type piering systems.

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