Is Your Foundation King Piers Strong?

Is Your Foundation King Piers Strong?

Weekly I get asked to look at a failing foundation that had a previous foundation repair contractor do the work.  By the time I get there, usually, a few years after the original work was completed, the work has all FAILED. I explain to the homeowners that this is what happens when you don’t demand Engineering Sound foundation repair. 

See below for some examples for King Piers Strong!

King Piers exposes FAILED HELICAL pier that the customer paid the contractor that installed this helical pier, to destroy their foundation. Be very careful when choosing the right foundation repair contractor. The foundation repair industry in Kansas City is full of Engineering FAILED Foundation repair. Often King Piers comes in after the homeowner has been basically frauded out of their hard-earned money!

King Piers is the only foundation pier that can raise a stone foundation wall, with EASE!

Homeowners are literally rolling the dice when they hire a foundation repair contractor that

1. Practices engineering sound foundation repair

2. The work won’t be overpriced

The King Pier underneath the newly raised footing of 1″ before encasing the King Pier with High Strength Concrete! King Piers gently pushes this leaning inward concrete foundation wall back to vertically level. King Piers Bulkhead Wall, making this basement #kingpierstrong!


3 Generations of Lifting back to level buildings, houses & structures!

Don’t be fooled with a fancy brochure and a lifetime guarantee that your home will not sink any further! King Piers LLC offers something much different than that of our competition. Engineering sound foundation repair is common practice with the King Piers Team of Foundation Pier and Repair Experts!

2019 has been another fantastic year for King Piers LLC. This year is the year that King Piers LLC is known throughout the Midwest as the Nation’s Best Pier & Foundation Repair Company. Our thousands of 5 Star Reviews on various Social Media Sites such as,,,, sets King Piers LLC a part of all other foundation repair companies.

Is your foundation #kingpierstrong?

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