King Piers TRUTH in ACTION

King Piers TRUTH in ACTION

The King Pier is the proclaimed BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Piering System that your money can buy. The King Pier is designed to hold up and permanently stabilize the footing after it has been raised back to its true level elevation. The above picture says it all. 1 house at a time is being raised and stabilized permanently! The picture shows my King Pier shimmed tight against the underside of the existing footing after it has been raised back to its correct level elevation.  The final step to the King Pier Installation is to fully encase the King Pier with high strength concrete to the top of the footing. The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is the ONLY Foundation Piering System that Guarantees to LIFT the Footing back to its correct elevation every time & STABILIZE the Footing PERMANENTLY! Basement Floor Leveling Kansas City This concrete floor was brought back to level as you can see after the footing was raised back to its correct level elevation. This King Pier had to be modified to fit under the existing uneven concrete footing. Foundation Crack Repair Kansas City

King Piers TRUTH in ACTION

True Story here: Today I had a 9:00 A.M. bid in Gardner, Ks. I gave the gentleman a bid for $10,000.00 for 5 King Piers II’s at his home. As I do with every customer, I tell them to get other bids from reputable foundation repair companies. The gentleman replied ” I already have gotten other bids. I then showed him some videos and mentioned that I believe that the King Pier is the Biggest & Strongest Pier in the world. The gentleman says in response that the last piering contractor stated that he had the biggest and strongest pier. I asked if he has seen it in person…he says yes. I then get my King Pier out and sat it down in front of him and I asked…which do you think is the STRONGEST PIER now? His answer was – The King Pier No Doubt! He then asked when we could start his job. ‪#‎kingpierstrong‬

Foundation Piers Footing Stabilization Kansas City

Every Foundation Piering project the King Pier Team is on will be done with pride and professionalism. Because of the rare qualities found in a workforce that is knowledgeable and experienced, King Piers LLC is Kansas City’s No. 1 Rated Foundation Piering Contractor by all of our Happy Previous Customer’s. Senior Citizen & U.S. Military Veteran Discounts!

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