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King Piers USA Products

Kansas City Home Owners: If your house is sinking and you need it fixed RIGHT the first time and you don’t want to spend your life savings on repairing your continuing to sink concrete footing you should call King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist at (816) 521-8915.

I have a long flawless history of Customer Complete Satisfaction. The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is a foundation/footing pier that has NEVER failed! The King Pier is the only pier that can lift a STONE Foundation Wall. It takes 1 extra load-bearing steel plate, but it’s not a problem to actually raise a stone foundation wall, even though I rarely see a footing under a stone foundation wall. The King Pier can be done on the outside of the home as well as the inside of your home. No other system can say that, as far as I know. I am very proud of the research and study that has gone towards the King Pier.

Simply put, the King Pier is the BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Pier on the market. Each King Pier contains 4 Cubic Yards or High Strength Concrete, encased around 300 pounds of High Strength 1/2″ thick Steel, after the existing footing has been raised back to its correct elevation. All of our King Pier System materials are purchased in the United States of America and manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri. This innovative simple permanent solution to solving a sinking foundation is taking over the MIDWEST by storm. First, it’s a great system but it’s so much cheaper than all of the other systems being offered. I am proud to have saved the Christian Church Organization thousands as well as the Methodist Church Organization.

If your building or home is sinking it’s sinking in 1 place and that’s the FOOTING! To fix a sinking footing it has to be fixed at the footing level. Any other solution simply will not last. I disagree with drilling holes in a foundation, simply to push a tilting wall. The other major foundation repair companies always drill holes using large diameter bolts like a deadman is ridiculous, although it does work. It’s simply another way of moving a tilted wall. I just don’t like drilling holes in an already compromised foundation. The holes end up being a place where water will infiltrate inside the basement.

The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Stabilization System sells itself. When the homeowner actually witnesses the King Pier System being installed they know they are getting the BIGGEST & STRONGEST Foundation Pier on the open market. Call King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist at (816) 521-8915 or you can always go to my website for a Free Foundation Inspection and Estimate!

King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau   For reviews on King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist you can always go to or you can witness LIVE CUSTOMER VIDEO REVIEWS on King Piers FACEBOOK Page.  The King Pier Team will travel anywhere in the United States of America to show off this new and innovative foundation piering system, so tell your friends and family about King Piers!

The King Pier Team will be working in Blue Springs for the next 2 weeks to pier up a sinking home. I might add that this customer had requested and received 5 bids to permanently fix her sinking foundation and she wisely chose the King Pier Team to perform this work on her home. She watched the video’s of my previous happy customer reviews and this was the convincing factor in why she chose the King Pier Team. I am so happy making lifelong friends by providing a quality product that is different than the rest but better!

King Piers USA Products