King Piers vs Helical Piers


King Piers LLC will be heading down to Fenton, Missouri to the Trugreen Warehouse building that has settlement and water infiltration issues. The King Piers Team will solve all of these issues. Stay tuned for Before and After Pictures that will be posted on our website The below before and after pictures are of a warehouse in Lenexa, Kansas that the King Piers Team Raised, Tilted & Permanently Stabilized the footing back to its correct level elevation. By raising the footing back to level you can see we moved the column back to its correct vertical elevation. Best Commercial Foundation Pier USA is the King Pier! BEFORE: King Piers LLC AFTER: King Piers LLC The King Piers Team just finished installing a 1 King Pier II at a home in Peculiar, Mo. Check out these before and After pictures of this project from start to finish. KING PIERS FOUNDATION PIER & FOOTING STABILIZATION SYSTEM brings the footing back to level EVERY TIME with EASE! As you can see that our King Pier II was installed underneath the existing footing that was sinking at the front door of the home, causing the door to not open properly. The King Piers Team raised and stabilized the existing footing making the front door open and shut properly. King Piers LLC specialized in Lifting a sinking footing back to its correct level elevation. No other foundation piering system resembles the King Piers Way of raising and stabilizing a sunken footing back to level. We do not drill holes into the footing or foundation walls. This is not a good practice due to the walls and footing already in structural duress. The King Piers way works every time! “MAKING THE WORLD LEVEL AGAIN…ONE KING PIER AT A TIME”

KING PIERS vs HELICAL PIERS it’s all in the methodology!

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