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What are Sinkholes?

This blog post discusses sinkholes and how they can adversely affect your home’s foundation.

King Piers Project Showcase

King Piers LLC – Foundation Repair

King Piers LLC Foundation Repair has 3 Foundation Piers. Each pier has performed flawlessly under footings providing permanent stability.

King Piers Project Showcase

All our work is on YouTube

All our work is on YouTube!  Why?  Because we believe in transparency and we stand by our work!  King Piers LLC is the Nation’s Best at Engineering Sound Foundation Repair!

King Piers Project Showcase

King Piers Tilts a leaning Fireplace back to perfect

Tilting a fireplace back to level! Tilting a fireplace back to level with the strongest Pier engineered – the King Pier! Watch the laser line move as our foundation repair specialists slowly raise this fireplace back to its correct level.  The key is in the preparation of the area surrounding

King Piers Project Showcase

First at Raising a Swimming Pool

First at Raising a Swimming Pool!  King Piers proudly does what no other company has done before! First at Raising a Swimming Pool! King Piers Team in Kansas City, Missouri where we raised a sinking swimming pool built on fill dirt.   Contact us for more information Subscribe to our YouTube

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Endorsements and Updates

Endorsements and Updates – King Piers provides some endorsements on products and a St. Louis foundation company as well as provides updates to several exciting projects. For your free estimate or to ask any questions, contact us today! Check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates and

King Piers Project Showcase

Engineering Sound Foundation Repair

Engineering Sound Foundation Repair!  King Piers was awarded the contract from Steeplechase Apartments to lift their 12″ thick Concrete swimming pool 3″. After a paid search it came to our attention that lifting a sinking swimming pool has never been attempted until now! Stay tuned into our King Piers YouTube

Life at King Piers

Staying dedicated during the Pandemic!

What a start to Spring of 2020 for Foundation Repair in Kansas City during this pandemic! This has been the year of the worldwide pandemic called the Covid-19 or also known as the Corona Virus. Throughout all of this King Piers crews kept working day in and day out doing

King Piers Project Showcase

Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing

NOTICE: The No. 1 Ranked Foundation repair & basement waterproofing company on all ranking sites, are PAYING ($500 a month) for that No. 1 Ranking. Beware homeowners! When hiring a foundation repair contractor, you are literally rolling the dice that your contractor won’t get paid for tearing up your foundation

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