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King Piers Project Showcase

King Piers 9 Pier Job

King Piers 9 Pier JOB!  This is HUGE! This past week King Piers started a project at the Communications Union building in Kansas City, Missouri. We started the project Monday (12-9-2013). This project is a 9 pier job. 1/3 of the Northside of the building will get 3 King Piers

French Drain Installation
How To Guidance

French Drain Installation KC

How-to: French Drains -French Drain Installation KC Valuable French Drain Guidelines for Success The French Drain: Theory, Application & Practice Mr. French The French drain also called a sub-drain, is so-called because the person who is supposed to have invented it, an American, was named French. First used for agricultural purposes

close up photo of gray brick wall
King Piers Project Showcase

Cinder Block Foundation Repair

Cinder Block Foundation Repair Today King Piers worked on a cinder block foundation wall that was falling away from the house. Using the King Pier system, we literally straightened the wall back to its correct vertical position. The King Pier System is the newest approach to foundation stabilization. The King

piers at the foundation level
King Piers Services

Foundation Repair in North Kansas City

Foundation Repair in NKC! Contact us today in any part of the KC Metro – we’d love to help you! Follow us on YouTube to see this and all our other jobs.  We believe so strongly in our services and expertise, that we film each and every project to show

Concrete pouring in action
King Piers Project Showcase

Raising a Sinking Home Foundation

Today we’re raising a sinking home foundation in Leawood. While outside gardening in the nice weather last week the owner noticed a small crack just over 6 inches long in the foundation. She is known for her immaculate gardens every year,  so she knows every inch of her home’s foundation.

King Pier Project Portfolio
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Kansas City’s Family-owned Foundation Repair Company

Kansas City Family-owned! There’s something to be said for supporting locally-owned businesses. We’re proud Kansas City natives, and we’re happy to be serving our neighbors. When we say “call us for a free estimate” we don’t mean “call this number and we’ll schedule a time to send a young sales

Parking Structure Concrete Repair
King Piers Project Showcase

Repairing Basement Wall Cracks

Repairing basement wall cracks for a parking garage! Today we’re finishing up a job repairing some deep structural cracks in the foundation of a parking structure in Overland Park, Kansas. The wall also serves as the subterranean portion of a retaining wall, which required extra care and precision. If we

Steel beam
King Piers Project Showcase

How is a King Piers foundation pier different?

The King Pier is a heavy duty steel foundation pier. The process in which the hole is dug is a critical part of why our pier does not sink after installation. So, How is a King Piers foundation pier different? The recent drought here in Kansas City has been a nightmare

Foundation home specialists
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King Piers is busy saving sinking homes!

Sinking homes Today, King Piers finished pouring the concrete footings underneath the room addition that is sinking in Olathe, Kansas.Tomorrow, we will install the king piers after the room addition is raised back to its correct elevation. The sinking home in Independence, Mo. with the fireplace falling away from the house will

Foundation repair specialists
King Piers Services

New Foundation Repair Projects in KC

Today Foundation Repair Specialist has the crews working in Olathe, Kansas, Kansas Cityand Independence. The project in Independence, Mo. is waterproofing the basement which was completed last week. Today we are digging below the footing that the fireplace is sitting. The fireplace is falling away from the house 2″. We will install

Save my foundation

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