Lees Summit Basement Repair

Lees Summit Basement Repair                 www.kingpiers.com offers the Biggest & Strongest Foundation Pier being sold today. Each King Pier is 1/2″ thick Steel Load Bearing Plates and the King Pier is 1/2″ thick – 6″ diameter Steel Tube that stands 11 inches in height. The top of the Steel tube is a welded 18″ x 8″ @ 1/2″ Steel Plate. This is what the King Pier Hydraulic Jacks push against. Without the welded top plate the hydraulic jacks would push a hole through the footing in most cases because footings under homes throughout the Midwest are inadequate in size and strength. Most home builders go by the Public Works Standard minimum when pouring the footings. Most concrete footings are 2ft in width and sometimes as thick as 3 1/2″. These footings are too narrow and thin to possibly hold up a normal size home during a dry summer as we experienced in 2012 when the drought hit the entire Midwest. The King Piers Team was very busy installing our piers under basement footings all over the Midwest during this drought. To date, no King Pier has failed after being installed.  The King Pier record of success speaks for itself and when looking at or comparing the King Pier against every type of foundation piering system, the clear choice would be the King Pier. The King Piers Methodology of lifting a very heavy structure back to its correct level elevation is vastly different than all other methods being used today.  If your having basement settlement issues, give the Experts a call for a free no-obligation foundation assessment.

Lees Summit Basement Repair – Straighten Leaning Walls

Lees Summit Basement Repair – Basement Waterproofing

For King Piers LLC to achieve excellence, each individual within the organization must constantly be committed to the goal of excellence. Evidence of this is shown through employees’ attitudes, work performance, and their interaction with others. At King Piers LLC, we strive to excel in every aspect of our business. Through teamwork, leadership, and the desire to excel, continuous improvement will be constant and the commitment of excellence to our Clients will be upheld.

Our Mission-

– To perform our work safely, yet productively, while meeting the Clients’ schedules and other project goals.
– To provide our clients with superior quality on every project through operational efficiency, a highly productive workforce, and experienced and knowledgeable supervision.
– To communicate with our clients, understand their needs, and exceed their expectations.
– King Piers LLC is committed to providing a site-specific Quality Control Plan to ensure that our Clients’ project requirements are met throughout the construction phase of the project.
– The King Piers Team is specially trained in the King Pier Methodology of lifting very heavy structures back to their correct elevation. The King Piers Team will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking building, structure, or home!

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