Lees Summit Foundation Repair

Lees Summit Foundation Repair

King Piers LLC should be your First Choice if you’re needing an expert evaluation of your foundation walls or floor. King Piers LLC’s CEO & President Jim King has designed a Foundation Pier that actually works. The helical type piering systems are fancy but in reality, a high percentage of helical type piers will fail again in a short period of time. Why these systems come with a lifetime warranty is beyond reasonable thinking. Many homeowners we have spoken to before installing our King Piers a few years after they hired a contractor to install some type of helical pier simply got the wool pulled over their eyes regarding a lifetime warranty.

The King Piers Foundation Piering System is the Biggest and Strongest Foundation Piering System being installed today. The King Piers Methodology of lifting a very heavy structure without ever drilling any holes into the footing or foundation wall. Drilling holes into an already broken and weak footing that is generally always thin and narrow does nothing but further damage the footing. You will never see a King Piers job where any holes have been drilled in the wall or footing.

The unique difference about the King Pier is we use cold rolled half-inch steel plates and pipe welded especially together making the King Pier. The King Pier Load-bearing steel plate is 2ft x 3ft. Steel shims are always used after the King Pier has raised the footing back to its correct level elevation. The final step is to fully encase the King Pier using High Strength Concrete, provided by the local concrete supplier.

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American homeowners all over the United States are talking about the newest concept in raising sunken homes’ footing back to its true level elevation FOREVER! No gimmicks just real power and strength of the King Piers Methodology of lifting anything that is embedded in the ground upward back to a correct level elevation. The King Pier is the Biggest and no doubt the strongest foundation piering system ever Engineered!  The King Piers way is bio-friendly to Mother Earth, unlike the other foundation piering methods that contaminate the soil around the home after a helical pier is installed. The Helical Piering Systems is substandard to the King Pier System.  For over 10 years now the King Pier Team of Foundation Piering Experts has exposed failed helical piers under homes all over the United States and then replacing the failed helical with the King Pier. The home will never sink again, GUARANTEED!

The King Pier II

Lees Summit Foundation Repair

Lees Summit Foundation Repair

The Biggest & Best Foundation Pier being sold is the King Pier. The King Piers Methodology is vastly different than any other foundation piering system being installed. The King Pier Concept of raising a very heavy structure back to its correct level elevation and then stabilizing the structure from ever settling again. Key factors when choosing what foundation piering system you want to invest in. 1. No drilling of any kind into the footing or foundation wall. The reasoning behind this is when drilling holes into an already fractured and fragile concrete footing is further damaging the footing. 2. The King Pier hole is a perfectly hand-dug 4ft x 4ft hole straight down to 49″ below the existing footing. No other system uses the earth as a form. 3. The King Pier Load-bearing steel plates are 1/2″ thick and dimensions is 2ft x 3ft. The Steel plate sets on top of 3ft of High Strength Concrete. No other piering system uses high strength concrete and load-bearing plate as a pushing platform to lift the footing back to level. 4. Minor destruction to your yard when digging the King Pier holes. Most all other foundation piering systems require exposing the footing from corner to corner of the home. The King Pier 4ft x 4ft hole is only where the King Pier is to be installed. The soil or yard next to the 4ft x 4ft King Pier hole will be undisturbed. 5. Upon completion the King Piers Team at no additional charge to the owners, will neatly place the leftover dirt along with the home or around trees as needed. No need to hire a landscaper. The cracks in the concrete walls and floors will be repaired at no additional cost to owners. All of the existing cracks in the living area drywall ceilings and walls will be repaired as well for free. This is one of the main reasons for our success. The homeowner gets much more for his or her dollar.

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Many homes and commercial structures are settling due to several reasons. DRY soil beneath a concrete floor and footing are the main causes for foundation failure. Without moisture underneath your home, you will start to see doors and windows not opening or shutting properly. Cracks will also start developing in the sheetrocked walls at the corners of windows and door openings. Finally, there is a foundation pier that has proven to stand up and hold up to Mother Nature’s events within the last 10 years. Never has any King Pier failed after being installed underneath a once sunken concrete footing or basement floor. Our perfect record of successfully lifting a once sunken footing or floor back to its correct level elevation is unmatched by any other foundation pier system.

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