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Level Sinking Foundation in Lees Summit

Level Sinking Foundation in Lees Summit

Day after day the King Piers Team of Foundation Piering Specialist raise and stabilize sinking foundation walls all over the Metropolitan Kansas City area. Our list of happy customers continues to grow. The King Pier Methodology is waking people up to the fact that there is a foundation pier Methodology that outperforms any other foundation piering system. The King Pier Methodology is to dig a perfect hole 4×4 straight down to 49″ below the footing to generally very hard and undisturbed soil. If the footing is 2 feet in width we will bore out all of the soil beneath the footing, fully exposing the underside of the existing footing. Once the hole has been completed and cleaned out of all loose dirt, a high-strength concrete will be poured 3 ft. thick into the King Pier Hole. This will be the platform in which we push the footing back to its correct level elevation.  The concrete King Piers will always use in King Pier Methodology foundation pier projects is 4000 psi high strength concrete, with 0% Fly Ash, 100% Cement, Reinforced with Fiber Mesh at a 4-inch slump on the job.  After 24 hours the concrete will be hard enough to withstand the force of pushing the weight of the footing upward back to its correct level elevation. Set up of the lift will be to place the King Pier on top of the newly poured high strength concrete, directly underneath the existing concrete footing. After the King Pier is placed on top of the concrete we will place 2 – 30 ton hydraulic bottle jacks on each side of the King Pier. Once in position, we begin raising the jacks which will then begin to lift the King Pier 1/2″ until it touches the bottom of the footing.  Setting up a laser level before starting the job is always done before starting the lift of the foundation/footing.  We want to bring the footing back to level but not raise the footing past its correct level elevation.

Level Sinking Foundation in Lees Summit

This wall was brought back to its correct vertical elevation by the King Piers LLC Team of Foundation Repair Experts without drilling 1 hole into this wall. The King Pier Methodology is setting the standard for proper foundation repair.

The King Piers Team has also Epoxy Injected miles of foundation cracks eliminating and guaranteeing no more water infiltration.

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