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Lift Sinking Building Kansas City

The Biggest & Strongest Pier in the World
is the King Pier!

King Piers and our team of foundation pier and foundation repair experts have worked all over the Midwest raising Buildings and homes by lifting the footing back to it’s correct level elevation. The King Piers Methodology does not go to bedrock when lifting a sunken footing. The King Piers Methodology is the only non destructive pier system that does not hammer off 1/3 of the footing to be able to install their helical type pier. King Piers LLC has worked all over the Midwest saving buildings and homes that are suffering from settlement at the footing issues. King Piers LLC Guarantees on every project no matter how heavy the structure to raise the structure back to the desired elevation. King Piers LLC is Kansas City’s Highest Rated (Non Paid – we dont pay for ranking)
foundation repair contractor in Kansas City.

Top Rated King Piers Methodology

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