Lift Your Sinking Building Kansas City

Lift Sinking Building Kansas City

King Piers LLC’s Foundation Piering System – The King Pier I, II, III & IV are setting the standard at lifting a very heavy structure back to level. The King Piers Methodology is the “Pioneer” of lifting a very heavy sunken structure back to its correct level elevation, without causing further damage to the footing and foundation wall. The King Piers way never includes drilling holes or the breaking off sections of the footing.  This is causing further damage to the footing. Most footings contain fly Ash which weakens the concrete.  No concrete will ever be used by King Piers LLC that contains fly ash.  Fly ash can be used when tilled in unstable soils making the soil more compact.  Fly Ash is often used when preparing a roadway to maximize the compaction percentage of the dirt subgrade.

When digging a King Pier Hole, the final depth is generally at a depth where the dirt has been undisturbed and very hard and compact when digging the King Pier hole.

The King Pier II is the pier we use when raising a concrete floor.  Mudjacking can be used to raise a floor as well. The King Pier II comes with a 25-year Warranty and Mudjacking comes with a 3 to 5-year Warranty.

Lift Sinking Building Kansas City

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