Lifting a Sinking Footing Video footage

Lifting A Sinking Footing

The King Piers LLC Team has been on this project for 16 days straight. This entire house is sinking as well as the entire back wall was leaning inward 6.5″.  Stay tuned to the final video showing the happy homeowners and their new level home. Our crew of foundation repair experts and the “overkill” of the work we do sets our company way above our competition.  My way of advertising is to display our work for people to view for themselves. We don’t waste our money on fancy brochures that aren’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but instead, we video record non-biased real-time videos for the world to view. I want to show the people the difference between proper foundation repair and the frauds that are out there selling bogus pier systems and wall straightening systems that eventually fail, sooner than later. The King Piers Methodology has saved over 30,000 homes from structural failure of their foundation to a foundation wall that is straight, stable, and structurally sound. The King Piers LLC Team will travel anywhere in the USA to save a sinking Building, Structure, or home.

Day 15: Pleasant Hill, MO

Work is progressing nicely on our project at this home. Inside the basement, we have already pushed the wall back to vertical and made sure it will stay vertical with our steel H-Beam wall braces.

The initial work has started on the epoxy injection for all the existing cracks in the foundation walls by setting our ports and getting those sealed in with our fast-setting epoxy.

The rest of the project is finishing up the remaining King Pier holes on the exterior of the home as well as the garage which will be finished up by the middle of next week.

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House Leveling

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