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Midtown Baptist Temple Job

The King Pier Team has done a remarkable job on the Midtown Baptist Temple! All 4 King Pier holes have are ready for the King Piers Load Bearing Steel Plates in all 4 holes. Tomorrow we will pour the 3ft thick high strength concrete on top of the King Piers Load Bearing Steel Plate! Check out some pictures of this job below.  The subgrade underneath the footing of the Midwest Baptist Temple was very hard Clay. No moisture was present during the excavating of the King Pier Holes.  The footings that are holding commercial buildings are designed according to the soil stability of where the building is being built. In most cases, the footing we have seen on commercial projects is adequate in strength and size. Residential homes are a different story. The footings on a very high percentage of homes that we install our King Pier System are inadequate in size and strength. Generally the footing thickness range from 3.5″ to 8″ thick @ 2ft in width.  It makes no sense to me why the standard minimum allows low strength concrete for footing construction. This is RIDICULOUS! No footing that is undersized and low strength concrete will not hold up a home during a drought.  This is evident because the Foundation Piering Business has exploded all over the MIDWEST since the 2012 DROUGHT.

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